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Analytic Narrative Discovery & Reporting Engine

Get the stories from
your data, automatically

ANDRE uncovers narratives hidden in raw data,
offering insights of real significance summarized
in concise slides.

Analytic Scripts with AI

Ready-to-use Slide Decks

Professional Data Viz

Strategic Insights Assistant

Fast and Easy

Extra Analytic Capacity

Available Anytime

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ANDRE Turns Anyone
into a Data Mastermind

Intuitively designed, it slashes data analysis time
by up to 90% without sacrificing quality, making
expert-level analysis accessible to all.

Insights, not numbers

ANDRE acts as your executive assistant, focusing on the big picture by determining:
  • Your objectives,
  • The narratives that can be extracted from your data,
  • And the conclusions to be drawn.

It blends advanced AI with analytical methods used by the best business analysts and insight managers to get to executive-level data stories.

Import data from many sources

Import your raw data from any source, be it
  • Typeform,
  • Survey Monkey,
  • Qualtrics XM,
  • Google Drive,
  • Excel,
  • SPSS,
  • or any CSV file,

and ANDRE will return comprehensive reports with conclusions. Moreover, ANDRE enhances analysis with data visualizations and observations.

From raw data to clear conclusions

Every day, thousands of people receive heaps of data, ranging from:
  • Sales figures,
  • Customer feedback,
  • Web analytics,
  • Market research,
  • and more.

The challenge of digging through this mountain of information to find actionable insights is overwhelming, leaving many feeling lost and unable to decide what to do next.
ANDRE simplifies data analysis, transforming complex data into clear insights and narratives. It offers flexibility, allowing users to rely on AI for automated analysis or to steer the exploration themselves.This approach ensures that valuable information and informed decisions are easily accessible to everyone.

A radical change at a
fair price.

Enter the era of AI-augmented work and delegate
the tedious work without second-thought.



$ 0 /month

With 1 data set



$ 15 /month

Up to 5 data sets

All access


$ 50 /month

Unlimited data sets

ANDRE takes you by the
hand to make it seamless.

It uses a straightforward process to create your
executive presentation starting from raw data. At every
step, you may leave it all to AI to figure out or nudge it
to get what you want.

Drop your data table and
see the magic unfold.