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Got questions about ANDRE? Find answers to the most common ones here.

What types of data can ANDRE analyze?

ANDRE is capable of analyzing a wide range of data types including numerical, categorical, and ordinal datasets. From financial statements to customer feedback, ANDRE’s advanced algorithms can process and analyze data to generate meaningful insights. In the future, we will better integrate time series and other types of continuous data, as well as unstructured data.

How should the data be structured?

ANDRE will work best with dataframe-like data, essentially a data table with a header row with the column titles, and each row representing a different case. Technically, it is able to identify the most interesting data tables automatically in less well-structured files and use this data, but the functionality is only about 95% reliable at this point. Please refer to this article for details: Data Formatting Guidelines for ANDRE.

How does ANDRE ensure the accuracy of its analysis?

ANDRE blends advanced AI with heuristics and analytical techniques from top business analysts and insight managers. It’s the combination of know-how and AI that produces executive-level data narratives.

Is ANDRE suitable for non-technical users?

Yes. This is what ANDRE is for! ANDRE is built with a user-friendly interface that allows users of all technical levels to prepare, structure, and analyze their data with ease. We strive to make data analysis accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

Can I customize my data analysis on ANDRE?

Yes, ANDRE provides comprehensive customization options allowing users to tailor their analysis according to their needs and objectives. This ensures that the insights generated are highly relevant and actionable for your individual or business needs.

Can ANDRE handle large datasets?

Yes, ANDRE can handle large datasets efficiently. It processes data quickly and accurately. However, please note that ANDRE supports files with up to 200 columns and a maximum size of 50 megabytes.

Can I analyze spreadsheets with multiple tabs?

Yes, ANDRE will figure out automatically what tab to look at based on the data. If ANDRE doesn’t take the tab you would have liked, try to submit a document that contains only that tab.

How do I get started with ANDRE?

Getting started with ANDRE is simple. Visit our website to sign up, and you can immediately begin uploading your data for analysis.

Is ANDRE free?

Yes, ANDRE offers a free plan! Sign up here

What are the plans available for ANDRE?

ANDRE offers 3 plans that ensure that hobbyists and professionals have an option that best meets their needs. Detailed information on our plans can be found here.

What should I do if something is not working on ANDRE?

If you encounter issues or find something not working as expected on ANDRE, please contact our support team at We're still working on improving ANDRE and will do our best to assist you, resolve any problems, and ensure a seamless experience. Your feedback is crucial for enhancement, and we would be grateful for sharing all issues. Our team will give you support to the best of their ability.

How can I share my data analysis from ANDRE with others?

ANDRE provides a "Deck viewer" with a link that can be shared with anyone. Users of the All Access plan can also download slides in PowerPoint format.

How does ANDRE protect my data?

Data security is a top priority at ANDRE. We use robust measures to ensure your data is securely stored and protected from unauthorized access. We anonymize any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in submitted files and process data on our servers. Only aggregated information is used by LLM. Users are required not to submit PII to minimize risks. Our servers are based in Germany with advanced data protection laws. We currently use OpenAI models but remain flexible with other LLMs.